Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We almost had to call an ambear alert

8 months ago on Romeo's birthday we took him to Build a Bear.

He LOVED it!

He came up with the name Gus... all on his own.

Mind you at the time Romeo only said about 6 words at the time. So we were thrilled he didn't call him mom, dad, or no.

Gus or sometimes called Gussy is Romeo's best friend.

But not because of the fact that he is cuddly and soft, but because of the tag on his bottom.

My son has a love for tags.

He just loves to rub them til they are worn to nothing.

Yesterday tragedy struck our house.

Gus went missing.

We searched everywhere I could think of in the house and I even looked outside of the house.

I was getting desperate.


Due to being completely exhausted, we did eventually get some sleep.

But then as luck would have it, a huge storm came at 5 am.

Thunder and lighting and no electricity.

Because the other love of Romeo's beside his bears butt tag is he night light.

There was lots of screaming which woke up the rest of the house.

With the electricity still out we got out our flash lights and tried to make the most of the situation.

We told "ghost" stories.

About silly monster the lived in our closets and when they jumped out and screamed and scared everyone. They just needed someone to tell them how to say Hi.

Then we played freeze tag with the flash lights.

In so doing...WE FOUND GUS!!!

OH Happy, happy day.

Then we immediately went into a trance and got caught up on our tag rubbing.

Gus will now be chained to the bed.

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Jessica @ Take Two Designs said...

So glad you found Gus! My little fella had a Ty beanie baby his cusin gave him named Pounce. He LOVED Pounce. One day, we too lost him. Looked the whole house over. A few days later, when my hubby was mowing the grass, we found Pounce. But it was too late. Hubs had ran over him and he was in pieces. My little fella forgot about him eventually (we never mentioned it to him). Thank goodness he had a stuffed dog named Peanut that he also loves a lot!

Mandi said...

I am so glad that you found gus! Kids are so funny, I love that pic of him in a trance :)

Love your guts
mandi @ vintage revivals

Sailing Simply said...

Ah yes, I remember those days well, we had "Boy" and "Bear-Bear"! So glad you found Gus! What a relief!

alicia said...

Oh we have our own little "Gus" around here, and know the trauma that it causes when they go missing! So glad you were able to find him back! (My daughter is 7 and Lucky still is needed for bedtime.. hope her future husband makes room for this lovey) :)

liz said...

It's almost like the storm was meant to be!

Kelley said...

LOL... we have a bunny named "somebunny" who is chained to the bed too.

Have a great week.

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

We have 3 beanie baby "Kangaroon"s. :)

ezri jane said...

Wow, I thought our girls were the only ones who did the rubbing thing! Our eldest rubs her plushy puppy's tail and our youngest rubs her teddy-bear's ear. Glad you found Gus too... it's just terrible when they lose their special little friend for any length of time!

Debs said...

Lol this is so cute!!

My 5 yr old son has a very similar habit...he has a small cuddle blanky he had when he was a baby that has since become very worn almost vintage looking. Charley sticks his middle finger through its tag and there it stays, all day sometimes!! lol