Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Pictures

As you all know I am a lover of Craigslist and especially free items of Craigslist.

One day I saw that a local photographer was trying to build her portfolio and willing to take pictures for free.

Well I totally jumped onto that deal.

When I emailed her about being interested in a photo session. She responded back by saying that she has read my blog and was shocked I was in her area!

Now I have met Megan from Grayden Lane Photography!

Doesn't the blogland make the world even that much smaller?

As we were going to get our pictures, I was a little nervous since (1) it was free (2) well I did find her on who knows about the quality and (3) both boys have cuts and/or bruises on their face.

Isn't is just the way. No bruises and then you book a photo session and WHAM. It is like their faces are little magnets to get everything throw at them.

Now let me tell you that Wild Man was NOT in the mood to take pictures, but you wouldn't know with the pictures that she took.

Here are some of the photos from the session.

We asked Wild Man to sit next to Romeo and this is the reaction we got.

Can I ask for prayer from now on for when he is a teenager. Goodness.

Then folks I have a rare sighting for you.

A picture of me!

I HATE getting my picture taken. I am much more comfortable behind the camera...and that doesn't mean me always taking the pictures. It is just when I see a camera, I run behind it.

I kid you not, before our wedding. I told Mr. Genius to enjoy the day of pictures of me cuz it won't happen again.

I have been like this since birth.

It is a curse.

Just ask my mom.

But I do really like this picture of us as a family and I LOVE the scroll door that is behind us so I thought I would still share.

I don't really look happy in the picture. It is probably because I was getting my picture taken.

So now you know what I look like, it maybe a couple of more years til I get another picture of me on this blog.

So now people if you are in the market for a photographer, go and check out Megan's website at Grayden Lane Photography.

This month her promotion is  40% off prints or a cd and if you are a fan on facebook a custom 8x8 collage including up to 9 of your images.


Laura @ Just For Love said...

Katie, you're beautiful! You NEED to be in more pictures! I am going to keep yelling at you about it until you do : ).

Your boys...*sigh*...what can I say? They are just the cutest little things. Seriously. The family portraits are gorgeous. I would never guess that they were free!

Hope you're doing well. Have a great rest of your week, sweet friend!
Lots of love,

Laura @ Just For Love said...
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Lori said...

So glad to finally meet you Katie, I thought it was just a fake person, trying to be you. The real you and your family is just beautiful.

Lori said...

So glad to finally meet you Katie, I thought it was just a fake person, trying to be you. The real you and your family is just beautiful.

Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

Beautiful family you have. I especially like the pic of your little guy with his head turned holding his daddy's hand. Very nice!

Amber said...

So great to put a face to your name! :) And how cool is that that someone was offering free pictures on Craigslist! I think I need to check more often - and more outside of the furniture and household section, I guess. Lovely photos!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Now you have to do at least one more picture with you smiling! What great pictures! What a deal!


Sandra {sawdust and paper scraps} said...

I'm so glad you posted a pic of yourself. I almost forgot what you looked like. Heaven forbid I run into you at the grocery store and not recognize you because you're always hiding from that camera! Great family photo and the rest are adorable! Especially "Wild Man's" reaction face!

Amy said...

Great pictures!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

See, I have this wild imagination due to watching too many weird movies/ I was starting to wonder if you where this weird guy a la "Silence of the Lambs" that would sit in front of the computer and laugh and laugh... as you set each new post, thinking you where getting us closer...and closer...and closer.
See? weird.
YOU DO EXIST! Yaaaayyyyyyy and so pretty! Lady, get in front of a camera.
She did a great job by the way.

Lani said...

I am exactly the same way with pictures.. it's a disease i think. I can't help it, I just hate it!

You got some really great pics of the kids though, and the family pic is great too!

Just wanted to invite you to stop by my Blog For A Cure Blog party this week! I'm giving away some amazing prizes!

alicia said...

You're beautiful! So nice to put a face to the words!
Go ahead and do that more often so your readers get to know you. ;)

Raine and Sage said...

Gorgeous photos - how fortuitous you stumbled across this offer. Your family is beautiful & I love the poking out tongue shot! I agree the gates behind you is such a feature - one to frame!
I'm the same though, and 99% of our photos do not have me - I said the kids will grow up thinking I didn't exist. :) Sonia