Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I did today...


So I am going to use this time to complain and whine I little bit.
I guess my children are rubbing off on me.

Today during precious nap time/ mommy time. I started working on this dresser.

Yep, that is a bad picture. But it was cold outside and was too chicken to open the garage door.

I decided to strip the top and was going to stain it, since I am on a roll of doing that lately.

Then I realized I should get the mail and get the bills and all, so I opened up the garage.

Here is a better picture without the top drawers.

So I started stripping the top and could see the previous owner had primed the dresser before painting it brown. Then underneath the paint I could see the wood grain. 


Then after supper I ran out in the garage again while Mr. Genius was playing with the boys. I had put another layer of citristriper on and was going to clean it off real quick. 

That is when I noticed this dresser has leprosy.

The wood grain was stripping off with the paint!

The dresser isn't real wood!


If I knew that, I wouldn't have stripped the top. I would have just sanded.

I am trying not to think about the fact that I would be halfway done by now.


So is there a way to tell if a dresser or any furniture for that matter is real wood or not when there is paint on top of it?

That would save me some time.


Barefoot Apron said...

Your not the only one who has done that! It is hard to tell sometimes. Now you can just think of a creative way to cover it back up! :) Keep your head up, it's just a hiccup.

Cherie said...

UGH that is terrible! I wish I knew how to tell. I usually look at the back of the top where it meets the backing to see what it looks like.

I had a similar incident while working on my bathroom dresser. I found out the molding in front was PLASTIC! not good.

rebekah said...

I asked chris...because he knows all things wood. its kind of what he does all day (seriously...and thats why i'm marrying him).

He said to pull out a drawer and look at the inside. drawer boxes are usually plywood, but you should be able to tell by looking at the inside. if you have any questions, you could probably take a picture and we can show it to him! :)

Here On Crow Creek said...

I read on the internet that most new pieces are not real wood and there was hardly no way to tell if the piece had been painted.Real wood furniture has unfinished wood “studs” that are a part of the piece’s construction. Look under tables. Pull out drawers and look at the back of furniture. If there are no studs, chances are this is not real wood.
Here is a great site to go to