Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guest Post from Hometalk

Today I have a guest blogger. Jakob from who wants to talk about some neat new ways to make your own gift wrapping. With the holiday's coming up I think you will enjoy!


DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

True, there’s still a good amount of time before the holidays but if you are interested in making gift wrap from scratch there’s no better time than now to start keeping an eye out for materials.

First of all, understand that wrapping gifts going to friends and loved ones with self made coverings isn’t just about saving a few dollars on those rolls of paper which can often be very generic looking, too loud, or to blah.

When someone takes the time to uniquely wrap a gift the extra effort shines through enhancing the experience of the one receiving it.

In essence, presentation says a lot; even when the focus is giving!

That said, here are a few ideas for the DIYer who wants to go the extra mile and make their own wrap:

Fall leaves: Yes, believe it or not this is an amazing way to cover smaller gifts. Ideally, try and collect leaves that have already changed color but are not so crisp they’ll disintegrate when bent. Then, take some large swaths of news print or other paper and start gluing them on. After you have a nice layer and they are dried place in a safe place until gifts have been purchased and are ready to be wrapped.

Newspaper/magazines: Certain gifts may be related to popular culture or current events. Wrapping them in images from newspapers or magazines sometimes makes the anticipation all the more exciting.

Wood scraps: Very often lumber businesses will allow others to search through their waste and take what they want. This is a perfect opportunity to find pieces to make boxes for gifts that can then be painted. Occasionally you may find some scraps from trim carpentry that can also be used as decorations around the sides. When all is said and done going this route is like giving two gifts in one!

Old posters: Let’s face it. There comes a time when certain things just don’t mean as much as they once did, a prime example being old posters. If you feel it’s appropriate try using them as wrapping paper. They are fun and can bring back a lot of memories.

Photographs: This is one of my favorite ways to wrap gifts. First, take pictures of the intended recipient of the gift, of the two of you together or simply random shots. Then, just like with the leaves stick them firmly to swaths of paper, let them dry and place in a safe place until the gift is in your possession and ready to be wrapped.  When the present is received I promise it will take a while before your loved one opens it up, as they will be so curious to check out all the images –and effort, you put in just for them.

Jakob Barry is a Hometalk writer.  Read more articles like this one or get help with your home projects on


Great ideas Jakob!

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Amen to this!! Although having experienced an extremely hectic sports schedule for many years with my daughters - ages 21, 20 & 17 - and my son - age 9, it can be very difficult. The key is to engage regardless of how crazy your dinner schedule becomes. Great post.

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