Monday, October 3, 2011

A little bit of me

Do you have a friend that you just love to be around because they make you feel like you a fun person to be around and they laugh at your stupid jokes...eventhough you know they are just plain stupid.

Or someone who feels pain when you feel pain and joy when you feel joy?

That is my friend Sheli at a little bit of me.

I met Sheli a couple of months ago and I am so glad I have.

Sheli has an amazing heart and she is so encouraging.

Right now she is currently trying to adopt and decided to homeschool 3 of her 4 kids! Whoa.

She also has been asked by incourage to be one of their writers!

Today I am guest posting over at her site and on Wednesday she will be posting her first article on incourage!

So proud of you Sheli!

Go and check out Sheli's blog to give this girl some encouragement that she has given me so much of. 

Do you have a friend that makes you walk away and feel good about yourself?

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