Friday, August 8, 2008

Our new toy!

Last weekend one of the best garage sellers around, Brenda Beasley, called me with some exciting news.

She found a bike trailer for the boys!

I have been looking for one of them all summer. I ran over to the garage sale she found it and snatched it up. I was only $25! Such a good deal.

Thanks Brenda!

We brushed off the dust from Mr. Genius' old bike and after a couple of days of trying to get the tires pumps (we couldn't find the pump) we finally took it out for a spin.

Romeo was a little freaked out the first time and was practically on top of Wild Man. Wild Man did great though. He kept saying "It's OK little buddy."

I love it when Wild Man calls Romeo little buddy.

It warms my heart.

The next morning, being the overachiever that I am, decided for my morning workout that I would ride the bike around part of the neighborhood. I went on mapmyrun and mapped out a route for 4 mi.

Well not even a half mile into it my rear end was screaming over the itty bitty seat I was trying to place it on. I made it through the whole route and I have the bruises to prove it.

That night (because I am completely insane with trying to loose my baby weight) I decided to do a family bike ride. Only this time I took mom's bike. Her bike's seat is like a huge comfy couch compared to Mr. Genius' bike seat.

To talk Mr. Genius into it I told him we would ride to Dairy Queen.

Wild Man was excited...Romeo not so much.

This time Romeo tried to stay as far away from Romeo as he could. In 18 in of space that is hard to do.

Romeo stayed that way the whole time. It was another 4 mi round trip.

Mr. Genius wasn't too excited about the ride. I think he was nervous how his bottom was going to feel at the end of it.

We all survied and we are awaiting Mr. Genius to get back from Memphis to go for another family ride, this time to the park.

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Lyndsey said...

That looks like fun...what a great way to get the boys of the house and get some exercise for yourself. I'll have to look into that.