Monday, August 25, 2008

New Pjs

JJ bought the boys some cute, matching Pj's. The cool thing about them is that they glow in the dark! Wild Man was very excited about these Pj's and I couldn't wait to show him. So I stuck the boys in my bathroom with the bright idea of taking a picture of them in the matching Pj's.

Here are my happy boys

Then I had the bright idea that I would take a picture of them glowing in the dark. But smart me forgot to turn the flash off.

I think I freaked Romeo out and interrupted Wild Man trying to look at himself glowing.

And them I had an even brighter idea to turn the flash off and take a picture of them glowing.

You can see a few specks of green. Oh well. In my defense they were glowing really bright in person.


When I put Wild Man to bed with his Pj's, he wasn't as impressed with them. After I turned off the light he started screaming "Turn them off, turn them off!"


Jennylee said...

Haha. I was wondering how Conner would react to the new pjs! That's funny. Eli is going to have to grow into his, he didn't need any more pjs in his current size. And thanks for doing the 7 random things!

Katie said...

Ok that confirms it. I am going back on ritalin. I thought it was 6 random things not 7. Lord have mercy it is amazing my children are still alive.