Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hard Day

When I first found out the dad went to be with the Lord, I had to explain to my boys what happened to Pop. Since I had no experience in this area, nor have I prepared what to say. All I could think of is to say that Pop has gone to be with Jesus in heaven.

It seemed to be a good thing to say. The boys haven't ask for Pop and other then a few questions as to why he is in heaven and when will he be back, I thought we were doing good.

Then we move forward to today.

After the boys nap we went to The Bethlehem Marketplace.

We went last year for the first time and it is really neat. It is not only a live nativity but it shows you what the whole city of Bethlehem was like on the day of Jesus' birth.

When you first walk in there is a shepherd telling us about the big star they saw in the sky and that he saw the Savior...Jesus... and he is right over there!

JJ was holding Wild Man's hand. When the Shepherd said that Jesus was in the next room. Wild man got really excited and then started asking JJ where Pop was.

He assumed if Jesus was there then Pop was there too.

Then when we got in "Bethlehem city" Wild Man was searching for everywhere for Pop and asking constantly where he was.

It just broke our heart.

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