Friday, December 25, 2009

Because I am partially evil...

I know that some of you read my sister in laws blog, and you may remember that she wrote a blog a little while back about her hatred for dolls. She also mentioned in her blog how mom and I think that this is hilarious.

It is true.

I can not lie.

We find this so funny.

You have got to realize that this girl seems to be able to do anything she puts her mind to. She has run countless marathons, flown across the country with just her and her sweet little boy, and has gotten kicked out of a movie for standing up to some crazy guy for kicking her seat. But she will crumble at the sight of a doll.

Do you see why we think this is humorous?

So like Kat has mentioned, we use Elf of the Shelf.

Which we love.

And as the tradition goes, at Christmas Eve the elf goes to the North Pole and stays there until next year. When he comes back to watch over the children.

So on Christmas Eve when I was putting our Elf on the Shelf (Raykul is what Conner named him) up to my room. I passed by the room that Kat and Andrew are staying in and I saw an oppurtunity that I just couldn't pass up.

Mainly because I have a little streak of evil in me.

So this is what I did.

Just in case you are wondering, this Andrew and Kat's bed.

Do you see how I just couldn't pass that up?

A little while later I heard some grumbling and something get through on the floor, then Andrew came up to me and handed me back our little Elf.

The next morning, Kat came up to me and said that she was going to plant a positive pregnancy test in my bathroom.

Hehehe. Love that girl.

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