Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apple Subway Art Gift

Well I got a picture of Mr. Genius' gift....but I do not have a good picture of it.

I had it all planned to hang it up today and wait til the sunlight was just right so I could take a picture to you all you guys, so you could all be amazed by my craftiness.

Ok not really. But I did want to get a good picture for ya.

Then I remembered about my valentine's gift.

We are finally painting the dining room.

As a result of painting and putting wainscotting up in the dining room Mr. Genius' office looks like this...

And our foyer looks like this...

I don't know if it is good or bad that my boys do not even bat an eye when I rearrange the furniture like this.

They played under the dining room table before. To them it is like a cave or a tunnel depending of what they are playing. When we moved it into the foyer, they carried on like it was always there.

At least my decorating sickness has a plus side...it has caused my boys to be more flexible and to thrive in chaos.

So I do have two pictures of my gift. Neither are very good.

But they are pictures none the less.

First is the finished gift right before I gave it to Mr. Genius...on my guest room bed...that isn't made up... and has an ugly orangey memory foam topper due to the 40 year old mattress we make our guests sleep on.

Please forgive me.

And the other picture is on the floor of Mr. Genius office...I have no excuse for that room, cuz it is not my room...it is Mr. Genius' office/man cave.

The good news is that Mr. Genius likes it other then the fact that I made the p's in both iPod and iPhone lower case.

I am not the Apple fanatic, I just married one. So...Oops.

Tomorrow the plan is to show you our newly painted dining room! *fingers crossed*


Kelly Latour said...

I love that kids will play anywhere. Just think, in a few years they will be able to help you move everything around and paint!!
The Apple board is great! I would totally put one up in my office as well!
Good luck with the painting, photos will be exciting!

Becky said...

Can you show us how you made it?? I have no crafting ability but you make it look easy & I think I might could pull that off...