Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a rug hunt

A decision has been made that it is high time we get a rug under our kitchen table.

We have tried every kind of rubber and felt stoppers on the bottom of our chairs and we keep adding to the collection of scratches on our hardwood floors. Grrrr.

The good news is I found a rug that I so love at Home Goods. It was only $200!!

Oh paisley rug, how I love thee!

But the bad news is, IT'S TOO SMALL!!!

I didn't take a picture from the other side, but there was pretty much only 3 inches of rug behind the chair with it pulled in to the table.


Unfortunately there isn't another rug like this one that is an 8x10. I have searched the internet world over and over and I cannot find it.

Double Curses!!

So the rug hunt continues.

Where do you go to find quality rugs for dirt cheap prices?

I do see the Crate and Barrel outlet in my future. Though I do see that the prices will be out of our budget in this vision too.


Kris {The Freestyle Mom} said...

I like the rug! Maybe you could extend it with a border of Flor tiles?

Tara Lauren said...

Try Overstock!

Lori said...

Surprisingly try Target, but Homegoods is one of the best. You do need a really large rug for under tables and chairs. I wish we had done one under ours earlier, lots of scratches.

Becky said...

Lowe's and Home Depot have been known to have some nice ones

Jeanne said...

Hi Katie. Thanks for the stairs question on my blog. They haven't chipped and we don't slip.
I have a list of question and answers on them that I'll post soon.
The new rug! Good Find.
xo jeanne

Jessica said...

I suggest trying Craigslist. I have found some rockin' deals on rugs there. The last one I bought was a BRAND NEW West Elm rug for $75. She was originally asking $100 because she bought it for $150 at a clearance event. She had the same problem as you with it not fitting right in her house. She just wanted to get rid of the darn thing, so she told it to me for cheap!