Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boys Birthday Bash

We had Wild Man and Romeo's Birthday Party on Friday Nov. 28th.

We decided to have their birthday party together because we have been having Wild Man's on Christmas Eve and it was just too crazy and stressful. I felt like I couldn't enjoy the day celebrating his birthday. Plus we were bombarded with toys 2 days in a row that should last for a whole year. I wanted to try to break it up a little bit. So we thought when all the family was already in town we would try the day after Thanksgiving.

Also it would save us money with just having one party and we will try to take advantage of that as long as possible. Atleast until they realize not everyone celebrates their birthday with their brother.

Lightning McQueen was the theme due to watching that movie well over 1000 times this year. We actually need to get a new one pretty soon due to all the scratches that are all over the DVD from so much wear.

The boys waiting patiently to dig into their presents.

A small fraction of all the fun presents they got. Really... I enjoy them too. I love the cute clothes and all the toys. Some of the toys I was more excited then the boys to play with.

Aren't their shirts cute? Nana, Mr. Genius' mom, made them. I love them. I got the idea from a shop in etsy, which is my new addiction.

Wild Man opening his gift from Romeo, which Wild Man says is his favorite toy.It is Chick from the movie Cars. Note to self before I spend a ton of money on Christmas.

Clothes aren't as exciting to them, but I love them. Thanks JJ for the cute shirts.

Along with our family Wild Man's brother (Brian, he is in the black jacket) and sister (Ashley, she is in the black shirt, she is holding Griffin) came too. We haven't seen them in 2 years.

Romeo is overwhelmed by all the toys that they just opened.

He is such a happy one year old.

Wild Man would rather be playing with his new toys then eat cake.

Daddy had to help blow out the candles, because I am an idiot. I know...shocker.

People, please learn from my mistake.

I bought trick candles... accidentally. I almost burnt my nose. When I was licking the bottom of Romeo's candle my nose suddenly felt really hot. I quickly pulled the candle out of my mouth and noticed it was still on fire! I know that I blew it out so I looked at the box and yes they were trick candles. Oh well, worse things could have happened.

Here's another lesson for you all. Try to stick with white icing... I think I will be picking out red stuff out of his ears and under his nails for weeks. Totally didn't think about that.

Happy Birthday Boys! We love you so much!


Katie said...

So cute! I think it is a great idea to do the party together! I have to tell you that I love the decorations on your mantel! Did you do that yourself? If so, I am way impressed!!! Beautiful!

Katie said...

Thanks, you are so sweet. Yes I did it myself. I already had the christmas garland up and had all the checkerboard streamers so I thought I would just wrap some around the garland. Good eye.