Friday, November 21, 2008

In less then 2 minutes...

Before I had kids, less then two minutes didn't mean much to me.

There just wasn't much that could have been done in that time.

Since the boys have come into our lives...well... I have learned to do a lot in that time frame.

I can take a shower AND get dressed,
I can make the bed AND pick up the clothes on the floor AND dust,
I can pick up the toys AND vacuum,
I can whip up a quick snack with drink, arrange it just to their liking and have the back up snack ready when they change their minds,
I can pack up a diaper bag put the boys coats on, have them in their cars seats, and be pulling out of the garage,
I can eat a full meal,
I can also clean up the entire kitchen after a meal.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. This morning after breakfast, Wild Man wanted me to play puzzles with him. I told him I first needed to clean up the kitchen and in less then 2 minutes I would be able to play puzzles with him.

Wild Man then asked where Romeo was and went to go looking for him.

Then all was quiet in the house.

Why is it when everything is quiet in the house it isn't my first clue to immediately stop what I am doing and go look for the boys?

I need to work on that.

So in less then 2 minutes, this is what I found in Mr. Genius' and my closet.

And for the record, less then 2 minutes prior to this picture there was only 2 pair of shoes on the floor.

*the first picture is a little dark, the flash was acting weird*

Did I mention that due to this crazy weather of being 65 degrees one day and the 30 the next that they both have runny noses?

I should also mention that they were both laughing hysterically at each other and burying their snotty little faces in all the clothes.

The happy sidekick.

This is what is left hanging on Mr. Genius' side of the closet.

If anyone needs me I will be doing laundry and organized a closet for the rest of the week.


Katacomb said...

haha! That's awesome. They remind me of myself when I was a yougster. The joys of parenthood :) There's no room to be anal or OCD!

Lori said...

You're so much better than me. I can't do any of that stuff in 2 min. I'm slow.