Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Not my Christmas pictures, my parent's Christmas pictures.

Give me a little slack, I just got done with a birthday party, I can't think about Christmas pictures yet.

JJ and Pop wanted to send out a Christmas picture to all their friends showing off their grandsons.

Well these little grandsons didn't get the memo that they were suppose to behave. They used up all their good behavior on Thanksgiving day. Don't get me wrong we knew that it was going to be difficult to get all of them to look at the camera at the same time while sitting still but we didn't think it would be as hard as it was.

I am not sure which picture my mom will pick out to send to everyone but I am pretty sure which ones she will not be sending out. Those are the ones that I want to share with you. If anything for a good laugh and just to make you feel better when you are having trouble to get your kids to behave for the camera.

First we had to make a plan of action. We were cooking dinner. Correction, mom was cooking dinner. We were supporting her by sitting in the kitchen and watching her. She was doing a great job on her own.

Why mess with perfection?

So we were trying to decide if we should take the pictures before or after dinner. Griffin had just been nursed so we decided that if we waited til after dinner he would be asleep. Plus all the boys were playing great and were all happy.

So we thought win-win. We'll go for it.

We ran upstairs to changed their clothes as quick as we could hopefully without realizing what we were doing.

Wild Man did fine.

SCORE! One down 3 more to go!

Griffin and Eli did great too.

Then I went after Romeo, it started going downhill.

First of all Romeo was watching Baby first mistake.

Romeo has also started this wonderful habit when I am changing his clothes or changing his diaper is like trying to tackle a slick alligator. He is a strong little bugger and he begins to continue to roll over and over and pull on anything possible to get out of my grip. By the time we got done my arms are so tired and Romeo is frustrated with me trying to channel Steve Irwin.

First goal achieved. They are all dressed.

Now positioning.

Mom wanted them in front of the fireplace that she decorated so cute. I had an idea to get them to hold onto some decorative Christmas balls. So they would have something in their hands hoping to keep them occupied.

We also had Andrew's fancy smancy camera that takes pictures fast as lightning.

First we got Wild Man, Romeo, and Griffin in position and as soon as Jenny set Eli down and he looked up and saw that there was a camera. He freaked. Eli is like me, he hates to get his picture taken. I totally understand his pain. But we had a goal before us that we were trying our best to achieve.

Then Wild Man realized that the other boys had colorful balls that looked more fun then his and he wanted them. Romeo of course was the easiest to steal from. When Romeo didn't have a distraction then he started throwing a fit.

And let me tell you, he is starting to throwing some big ones. He arches his back throws himself one the floor and even bangs his head on the ground. I don't know whether to be proud of his for being so dedicated and passionate about something, embarrassed that I apparently don't know how to keep my child happy or just worry about the future. I mean the boy just turned one what in the world will the twos be like?

Griffin was so sweet. He just waited patiently for everyone to calm down.

Hope you guys have a easier time then us to get Christmas pictures.

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Katacomb said...

So fun! What cracks me up is that Griffin was the calm one...he turned over a new leaf. I think he turned it back over yesterday!