Friday, November 7, 2008

A speck of Hope

Like I mentioned in Romeo's Birthday letter Wild Man has been a little (I am being nice here) aggressive towards Romeo. I have been praying that Wild Man would begin to soften his heart toward Romeo and learn to be gentle with him. Well on Wednesday we went to the park and I saw a little glimmer of hope!

Romeo is now at the age where he doesn't want to just sit in the stroller anymore if we are standing still and especially if he sees Wild Man playing and climbing on things. So I got Romeo out on the playground to crawl all in the big playset...jungle gym...or whatever you call the thing that has slides and bridges.

Just didn't want him crawling all over the ground.

Anyways, back to the story.

When we got to the park there were two kids (a brother and sister ) who were very sweet. Apparently they LOVE little babies. So when Romeo started crawling around they immediately ran over to watch and started saying "Look mommy a cute baby!" "Hi cute baby!".

Wild Man was just running around climbing around not paying much attention and then they apparently went too far.

Insert Du...du... dummm. Music hear.

The little girl started calling Romeo... "lil' buddy"!

Well that has always been Wild Man's name for Romeo (which shows me that somewhere deep in inside he loves his little brother).

When he heard that he immediately came running over from the other end of the little park. Screaming "NO...Romeo IS MY LITTLE BUDDY!"

He ran over to Romeo then proceeded to pick him up (the correct way, I may add, and not by the neck) while still saying, "MY LITTLE BUDDY!"

Well once he realized that Romeo is too heavy to carry up stairs he just tried to make the kids leave Romeo alone by enticing them to a "really cool slide" that they need to slide down with him.

So the kids moved on to the slide.

And my heart swelled up a little bit thinking that maybe there is hope that they will actually like each other one day.


On a completely different train of thought. I am apparently having trouble with blogger. For some strange reason blogger has stopped emailing me when you guys leave comments. What is up with that? I checked my settings and my email address is still there. I added another one just in case. But it still hasn't emailed me with a comment I left myself. Then for some strange reason it posted Romeo's Birthday letter twice. I did start that letter a couple of days before because I wanted to post it on his Birthday and I knew that it was going to be a busy day.

All that said, I wanted to say that I am sorry that I haven't responded to some comments and I am sorry that the letter got posted twice. But with what Lori said it is probably because he is my second and he just needed the extra attention.

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Melissa said...

Hey! Cute blog design.... I was going to email you but I can't find your email! Anyway, I am working on registration for MOPS and wondered if you and Mason wanted to attend next semester? Let me know what you think!!
See you soon!