Thursday, November 6, 2008

One word

TYPE ONLY 1 WORD. IT'S HARDER THEN YOU THINK!!! I totally feel like I need to write an explanation with each answer.

1. Where is your cell phone? couch
2. Your significant other? computer
3. Your hair? ponytail
4. Your mother? creative
5. Your father? funny
6. Your favorite thing? naptime
7. Your dream last night? scary
8. Your favorite drink? water
9. Your dream/goal? bikini
10. You're in? comatose
11. Your fear? wreck
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? soccermom
13. Where were you last night? attic
14. What you're not? choreless
15. Muffins? nope
16. One of your wish list items? maid
17. Where you grew up ? Knoxville
18. The last thing you did? bath
19. What are you wearing ? snot
20. Your TV? on
21. Your pet? gone
22. Your computer? Apple
23. Your life? neverending
24. Missing someone? Paw-Paw
25. Your car? dirty
26. Something you're not wearing? socks
27. Favorite Store? Pottery (Barn, no fair the answer is two words)
28. Your summer? fun
29. Your favorite color? red
30. When is the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? Oprah

Now it's 4 answers

32. FOUR PEOPLE WHO E-MAIL ME? Spam, Kurtis, Matt, Lisa
33. FOUR OF MY FAVORITE FOODS: Mashed potatoes, salad, ice cream, PB & J
34. FOUR PLACES I WOULD RATHER BE RIGHT NOW? Disney, shopping, cruise, Italy
35. FOUR PEOPLE I THINK WILL RESPOND: Beth, Katie (by the way love the leg warmers) , Lori, Lindsey (Thank you so much for the potty training advice)


Lori said...

I love the part of wearing snot, sounds familiar. So by responding does that mean I'll comment or that I'll do this on my blog???

Katacomb said...

Oh! I forgot about Oprah! Qas it the 99 balloons? I bawled like a baby! Yes, it's 3:30AM...I'm on the couch...holding Griff...typing in the dark. I've entered your world!

Katie said...

Lori I think you should do it on your blog. It will be fun to see your responses.

Kat- that is what I meant that I felt like I needed to explain my answers. The 99 balloon was what I cried about. Then they showed it again another day and I still cried. I just hope that if that happened to me I would have the same Godly attitude they had. It would be really hard though.

Jennylee said...

I cried too, Katie, at the 99 balloon thing! Um, and so did Reid, don't tell him I told you that!