Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Say What?!

Wild Man is really at that age where you just don't know what he is going to do or say next. It is really fun!

But this also means you can't always believe what he says! Please remember that when he tells you that mom only feeds him sugar for breakfast. (Yes, he said that to his teachers at school today).

With that said, Wild Man and I had an interesting conversation on the way to Mother's Day Out this morning.

First let me give you a little background info.

Because I am a complete freak, I have been S-L-O-W-L-Y getting our Christmas stuff out. So of course we have been talking about Santa Claus and Jesus' Birthday and to make things more confusing the day after Thanksgiving I am having the boys birthday party together.

So while I was driving Wild Man out of the blue asked if he will be getting presents for Christmas. I told him if he is good cuz Santa calls me every night to ask if he has been good that day. (I know I am cruel) Then I told him that he would get presents at his birthday party.

That made him excited so he started asking who would be at his party. I began list all the family that will be there and then he asked the craziest thing. He asked if Barak Obama could come to his party.


I then asked him why would he want Barak Obama to come to his birthday party. His answer was "I don't know."

I think that it is time to turn off the news. He is soaking in all types of information.

Which also made me think that I was so glad that I didn't bring him with me when I voted. Due to him also recognizing Obama's name, he would have most definitely pushed the wrong button... Not that it would have mattered anyway.


Lyndsey said...

That is very funny! I like your Christmas blog design. I've been wanting to listen to Christmas music for awhile..only 43 days!

Melissa said...