Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inspecter Gadget and a hound dog.

All of our bedrooms are upstairs.

The laundry room is downstairs.

In order to get the dirty clothes from upstairs to downstairs, I throw the clothes down to our foyer, to get them downstairs.

The boys love this part and I have no problem getting them to help me get those clothes downstairs.

Today Wild Man helped a little too much.

You see that?

That would be a t-shirt on our entry light.


It would have been nice if I was if I had Inspector Gadget's Go go gadget arms.

Then when I went to get the broom stick I smelled a horrible smell in the kitchen.

I got on all fours and searched for that smell.

I went through the pantry, cabinets, garbage, and smelled my two year old bum more times then I can count.

After an hour I realized that I had left the gas range on low ALL NIGHT!

Aren't I just the best mom?

Anyone want to come over and risk their life at our house?

On the bright side I started another project!

Can't wait to show you!


hope said...

I love it! I think things like these are what keep us grounded. Lol.

Sailing Simply said...

I'm sorry, I just had to laugh! I have done the throw the laundry down the stairs thing many times! Lucky for me I don't have a light like that one. LOL! So glad you found the smell, that's a scary one! On a lighter note, congrats on being featured on The lettered Cottage. You deserved it though, you fireplace makeover was great!

Sarah @ TheUglyDucklingHouse said...

I have the same method for getting laundry to the laundry room (my next house I sure hope to have it upstairs with the bedrooms - logical, no?).

I'd never had a gas stove before moving into my house four months ago. I am terrified of leaving the gas on (and have already done it twice).

Great story!

Decorchick! said...

LOL, that was funny. Today I changed by daughter's diaper, although I forgot to put a new one on. NICE! I should get the mother of the year award.

Linda said...

I love the t-shirt on the light fixture...sounds like a normal home with kids to me LOL!

Sandra said...

Maddie loves throwing her dirties down too. I put in the sconces in the hallway underneath so I'm always telling her to watch out for them. I never thought anything would make it to the chandelier. Too funny. Can't wait to see your project and yes I do. Want to come to your house. Not to risk my life but to see if we don't have the exact same house, layout and all. Crazy. Brain twins and house twins.

Kenzie said...

That is hilarious! Love the shirt on the light! And I can't tell you how many times our stove has either had the gas running all night with no flame on low like yours, or I have actually forgotten to turn the burner off so it was lit all night!

paige said...

Ah, the classic shirt-on-light. So funny!

I've left the gas on slightly for hours before. Genius.

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

This made me laugh! I do the same thing - throw the laundry over the stair railing. So much easier than hauling it down the stairs. Luckily, nothing has found its way on the light fixture. I'll have to be careful about that :).

liz said...

Oh no! Maybe it's good that it's a t-shirt and not underpants?!?! I'm just saying. :)

Mom2three said...

I had to laugh as well. This sounds like something that would happen to us. At least you discovered it before someone else did. The things kids do that make us laugh is amazing. There will be no denying who did this one!