Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And on the 3rd day... let there be hardwood!

Yeah for hardwood! I know that Mr. Genius is much happier then me that the project is done.

Mr. Genius did a great job, and so did my dad who helped out a lot. Thanks Dad!

Mom also helped me entertain the boys these days. I think she was worn out as much as dad.

It took 3 long days to do this. Luckily I married a perfectionist, so it was done just right. If I had to do this after about 3 hours I would just want to get it done in the fastest possible way. That is also why Mr. Genius and I can't work together on project very often, due to the fact that we want to stay married.

So here are the pictures.

Here it is after day 1.

I can always count on Mr. Genius to be so fashionable. I think that this is a good look for him.

Day 2

Here is the finished product!

Isn't it beautiful!

The boys are enjoying it too. The like the new soft rug I got. I went back to the sixties and got a shag or I think they call it a frizze (sp?) rug.

So glad we are finally done!!

Now on to the Master Bedroom....

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Jenny said...

It looks beautiful! I love your rug too. Can't wait to see it in person!!