Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moving fast

I can't decide if Romeo is just very determined or just really active. But this child is moving along very fast.

Last week he started sitting up, a few days ago he started getting on all fours and rocking back and forth. Yesterday he started trying to pull up on things. He isn't strong enough to do too much but he sure is trying with all of his might to.

We had his 6 month check up on Tuesday. We amazed the nurse and Dr. by how attached to me he is. They said that it doesn't usually happen this early.

I guess I am just on of those lucky ones.

I keep reminding myself that one day I will look back at this time and miss it. But we haven't been able to drop him off at church or anywhere with anyone at that for over a month. Mama needs a break sometime. But he honestly is a happy baby as long as I am around.

He weighted in at 15.1 lbs. in the 20% range. Height and Head were in the 50th percentile. Which just thrills Mr. Genius and I considering we have never been above the 30th percentile. (the Dr. is also predicting that Wild Man will be over 6 ft tall).

When Mr. Genius and I were dating we always joked that we would need to have tall kids so that they could reach the top shelves for us. I think our wish came true.

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