Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Den under construction

Well the boys are down for their nap and I thought "So what am I going to do now?" I could pull the weeds in the front, mow the grass, or dust around the house, or I could just blog. You see where my priorities are.

A couple of weeks ago Southeastern Salvage (a wonderful place) had their hardwood for sale for $1/sq ft! A dollar I tell you! I was so thrilled. Mr. Genius and I have been really wanting to get rid of our carpet in the den. I have tried everything, I vacuum regularly, stream cleaned, spot cleaned. Nothing would get rid of the spots. The price you pay for cheap carpet.

So I went up there to make sure that it would match our existing hardwood. It isn't a perfect match but close enough. So we got enough for our den. Yeah!

The hardwood has been sitting in our garage ever since and has been calling my name to come out of the boxes. So I decided that since we are having a long weekend it was time for another home project! Poor Mr. Genius. I think sometime in July I will let him rest. Maybe for an hour.

Anyways, last night we started moving all the furniture into the dining room. This delighted Wild Man to no end. He thought we were doing this just for him. He kept saying over and over. "Oh thank you SOOOOO much momma. Thank you SOOOOO much daddy!"

Here is Wild Man in his temporary play room. I am glad the dining room is finally being used. Even if it is not for its intended purpose.

Here is our nasty carpet. I told you it was gross. Now I won't have any friends, you guys now all think we are dirty people. By the way that blur at the top is Wild Man running. After he broke himself away from his new play area he came into the den and saw a wide open range. He ran in circles for 45 minutes. Until it was time for him to go to sleep.

See all the running and more of the nasty carpet.

Here is Nate (our wonderful, handy friend) and Mr. Genius starting to put down the hardwood.

Here is dad or Pop working. Or just trying to look like he is hard at work.

Last night after we pulled up the carpet and put down the black paper (there is a real name for it I just don't know it). My mom casually stated "Wouldn't it stink that they couldn't get the wood down and then your are stuck with just the black paper as your floor."

Oh be still my pounding heart.

Well I haven't thought about it til you brought it up! Now I won't be able to sleep again tonight.

Have a mentioned that I am having a baby shower here in a couple of weeks! Can you imagine?! Well I don't won't to.

I will post pictures up when we are finished (hopefully before the shower).

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Katacomb said...

Can't wait to see the new improved house! I bet it'll look fabulous. Wish we could have been there to help...well, okay that was a little white lie but if we had been in town I'm sure Andrew would have been happy to while I went with ya'll to the Avenue or something :)