Friday, May 2, 2008

Getting out of the house!

Since Tuesday, when Wild Man was sent home from school sick, we haven't left the house! The walls were closing in on me.
So today Mr. Genius was able to stay home this morning for a few hours so I could get out! Today I went and helped my mom decorate a table for the Women's Luncheon at church tomorrow. Isn't it pretty.

Our theme was Spring and if you have been in either one of our houses we have more then enough blue and white stuff. So rather then going out and buying new stuff we utilized what we had. I was fun to do something for about an hour that didn't involve diapers or pureed food.

So after I got back from decorating the table, I had an appointment at Wild Man's Dr. He was actually acting fine but we couldn't get the fever to go away. Turns out he has Bronchitis! Who knew! I mean look at him today...

This is Wild Man playing monkey.

Now Romeo apparently knew something was wrong...

Poor Romeo look at the look of "Help me mom" (Wild Man was trying to stop him from swinging to give him a hug. Which I try to discourage the close contact, giving the fact Wild man has BRONCHITIS.

Anyways, I have another story to tell you about how knowledgeable my husband has become.

Mr. Genius called to say that he has about a 3 hour break til he had to go back into start a late night of work. He wanted to know if there was anything he could do for me. Isn't that sweet! Well off course I could think of about 15 things that he could do, but decided on the one that would be the most entertaining. I asked him to go to Opry Mills and buy Wild man some sandals from the Stride Rite Outlet.

This ought to be interesting.

I emailed him the picture of the sandal that I wanted, he downloaded the picture onto this doohickey (that would be the technical term) to put in on his phone to take it into the store to show the sales lady.

Impressed? I am.

He then calls me and says and I quote "K**, they don't have the exact shoe you emailed me but they do have another brown leather sandal with a covers the toe and a Stage 3 heel."

Whoa! I couldn't answer him for a minute because I was laughing too hard. He has definitely passed the test.

Needless to say we got the sandals and they were $15 under our budget! Can't get much better than that.

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