Thursday, May 22, 2008

Late Night Blog

So after I put the boys to sleep I was dusting in my room. When I got to my bedside table the was a spider. A small, fat, black spider with yellow rings around his legs. EWWW! So now I can't sleep due to thinking that I keep feeling a spider crawling on me. Yes, I tried to kill it but the bugger was fast and my reflexes aren't what they use to be. So I thought I would blog about what has been going on around here.

We went to the park in the morning. This time going to the park was the first time I got to sit down and relax a little while Wild Man played. I am usually running around making sure that he didn't climb up the things that he was too small for. But he is a big boy now and can do just about everything. So it was a nice park visit.

He taking a picture of Wild Man while sitting and enjoying the sun!!!

Wild Man pondering about what he can do that little girl who just walked up looking so cute.

After naptime we went to Kroger and Romeo is sitting up in the buggy now!

Romeo was wiped out after the long day. He feel asleep right after he eat all his food.

Wild Man last day of Mother's Day Out is tomorrow, so sad. The parents came in to be served a little breakfast snack by the kids and sing then they sang us some songs.

Wild Man was not himself. He was very attached to me. He didn't want to leave my side. He would whisper in my ear what he wanted. This is not like him AT ALL. I thought is was sweet. Enjoy it while I can.

Also while we were eating Wild Man choked on some strawberries and spit them up on his shirt (that was brand new). Oh well, Oxyclean to the rescue. You can see the stain in the second picture.

Wild Man very upset that someone else is sitting next to me. He tries to convience his friend that he should go and play with all the other kids.

He won!

Today we went to one of the neighborhood playgrounds, well actually it is the neighborhood right in front of ours but what are they going to do throw out a 2 year old.

Wild Man saying "Pleeeeeeeese Swing!!"

Wild Man driving me in the car. A little scary.

Look at that peach fuzz hair flapping in the wind. Isn't it cute.

This is Wild Man saying "No Mama" He didn't want me to embarrass him by going down the slide with him.

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