Thursday, May 29, 2008

Holy Cow, I had twins... just 22 months apart.

You know that when you are pregnant you get this idea of how your child might look when they come out? You know. You think that they will have someones eyes, anothers hair or skin color.

Well as adorable as my kids are they don't look anything like I thought they would. They don't look like me (which is why I think they came out cuter) or Mr. Genius. It is kind of funny.

Well when I was pregnant with Romeo I just thought that Romeo and Wild Man wouldn't look much like each other. I think that my brothers and I look like we came from the same family just not the same. Then I don't think Mr. Genius looks anything like his brother and sister. So we thought the tradition would continue.

Boy were we wrong.

I new that they looked a lot alike but then I found a photo of Wild Man at the same age as Romeo.
So in these picture they are both 6 and a half months.

Isn't it crazy?!

Romeo is on the left and Wild Man on the right. Other then the fact that Wild Man was 5lbs heavier then Romeo, I think they look just about the same. Anyone else looking at these pictures would think that they are of the same child.

My friend Beth told me that I am going to need to label all their baby pictures so as not to get them mixed up. I think I will start right now.

Anyways, thought I would share.

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