Thursday, June 18, 2009

The big move

This move has been extremely stressful for us.

We have no idea what God has in store for us and I am pretty sure that we will not be spending the rest of our lives in  IL.

One thing I do know is that I am already not looking forward to the next move.

I think I will start praying now that the next move will go smooth.

The movers packed up all our stuff and loaded the truck then drove off on June 4th.

We were out of our old house on June 5th by noon.

Our lawyer called us at 5 minutes after 5pm on Friday the 5th to tell us that we will not be able to close on Monday like we thought. Apparently the underwriters decided they didn't want to work anymore.


So we had to call the moving company to tell them the stuff MAY need to go into storage instead of the house on Monday, but we will call on Monday to confirm. We made sure to say MAY need to go into storage because things have changed daily.

Mr. Genius and I packed up our minivan left the boys at my parents house and drove 9 hours to our new hometown.

Monday morning our lawyer called us to say that the homeowners will let us put our things into the garage just not into the house. Since we don't know when we are going to be able to close now.

So we quickly called the movers and apparently they unloaded our stuff on Saturday even though we said we MAY need to move our stuff into storage.

Then the movers said that the next day that they will be able to deliver would be Wednesday.

And then the real kicker, they gave us a quote for the cost of storage.

Are you ready...

Take a guess...

Just throw any number out there...

Now know this, we get a very big discount with Apple...

OK, they told us $2600!!!!!!!!

Isn't that outrageous!

Apparently I need to be in the moving business and make a killing.

So we of course went berserk. There was no way that we were going to be paying that.

And that was how Monday went.

Tuesday we were pushing the homeowners to let us move into the house on Wednesday so we would have to pay for storage anymore.

The homeowners said they wanted a clear to close (whatever that means) and then they will allow us to move in.

After a day of very intense pray, we got the call at 5:30pm on Tuesday that we got our clear to close.

We called the movers to tell them that we got our clear to close and that we are still on for our Wednesday delivery.

I got in the house and waited for 2 hours Wednesday morning....No movers.

I called the movers and they rescheduled us for Saturday!!!!

What the What!!!

Apparently not only do movers try to rip you of every penny you have they think that they are real estate agents too.

Our rep said that in all his years of doing this he has never had someone been able to move into the house early just because we got a clear to close. So he took the liberty to change our moving date to the next available day which was Saturday.

Oh and they charge more for weekend deliveries.

Oh it was On now.

I couldn't talk to them anymore for fear that God would strike me dead for the things I was thinking in my head to say to these people.

So I just got in my car went straight to the paint store and told myself that I was going to make the most of this and paint the boys room.

Um and if the lawyer of the previous homeowners are reading this. Since we technically didn't own the house at this time. I only went to the paint store to get samples. **cough**cough

So we finally were able to close on the house on Friday.

Then on Saturday we got our stuff delivered.

The movers were done at 12:30.

By 2pm our kitchen was already unpacked. The by 10:30pm we had unpacked and set up the boys room our bedroom, den, closets, and laundry room. We didn't get to the office or the playroom. But I thought we did really good for half a days work.

The reason for so much motivation?

My parents were bringing my boys the next day.

So we were trying to make the transition as easy as possible (which is why we were trying to close on Monday and have a full week to get the house ready, but whatever).

The boys did great on the plane!! WhooHoo.

I am glad we had one thing go good that week.

I took a picture of all the boxes we had piled up in our kitchen but we can't find the cord to connect the camera to my computer. Sorry. That will be my project tomorrow.

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