Friday, June 26, 2009

New seats and the most annoying sound ever

At our old house to change things up a bit the boys would sometimes sit on top of the catwalk upstairs and look down to the den to watch tv.

The joys of having a open floor plan.

The heating bill is not something we liked about having an open floor plan.

Due to us in anticipation of having much harsher winters we opted out of having an open floor plan so the "theater seating" also went out with the hopeful huge heating bill.

But leave it to my boys and they will find some way to have creative seating.

When I was vacuuming this morning I put the boys chairs up on the couch. They boys seized this opportunity and climbed aboard.

Also as you can see little Romeo is having a wonderful hair day today.

That my friends is not static cling.

Later on today I took the boys to downtown Geneva they are having a big festival called Swedish Days. I have no idea if the Swedish founded Geneva or if Geneva has a deep fascination with the Swedish. But I do know that it is a big deal around here.

So when I went I of course forgot my camera... and my cell phone.

And yes, to answer your question. I forgot to take my Ritalin today.

The main thing about Swedish days is that all the little shops in the downtown area put a tent our in front of their shop with all the stuff that is on a big sale. Almost everything was 50% off!! Gotta love that.

We also went into a cute little cupcake shop, then they had an exercise class for kids. Which my boys just stared at the lady like they do at me when I am running around all crazy.

Then we went to a toy store. I told the boys that they each could pick out a toy. Romeo picked out a baby stroller, Wild Man picked out a car that turns into a robot.

The car needed batteries I thought it was just to make some lights blink or something. Little did I know that it was to make the most annoying toy in the entire world.

To prove it I made a video.

Now imagine that sound for about 2 hours straight.

Normally I try to keep the boys from destroying their toys but with this one I didn't stop him. So it was broken in half by the end of the day.

Mr. Genius and I danced around a little when it broke.

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Christy Johnson Photography said...

I am so glad that you guys are getting out and about, exploring your new home! It is a fun area to live in with tons to do. I love reading about your adventures.

I think you made a wise call on letting the toy break : )
Have fun!