Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sometimes you just want to ask why

Today is not even half way through and it has been an emotional one.

Today Mr. Genius and I wanted to try out Christ Community Church this is the church of my new friend Meagan that I met at the airport. If you don't know this story, you can click here to read it. I have no doubt that God wanted us to meet.

So I have emailed Meagan to let her know I was in town now and was planning on visiting her church the upcoming Sunday. I was a little surprised that I hadn't gotten a response back. I just assumed she was busy.

I know that there are some people that are nice at first and then they just blow you off and then there are other people that you meet and you feel like you have known them forever. I really that I had known Meagan for a long time, especially since we have been emailing before we moved up here.

So today Mr. Genius and I got to the service late and when we were sitting down I was only half listening to what they were saying. Then I heard the name Meagan Ahlstrom and then I heard memorial and then I heard she is in a better place.

So you can imagine my shock.

I turned to the girl next to me and asked what happened to Meagan.

She told me that Meagan and her mom were driving back from Nashville last Sunday and was hit by a drunk driver. Meagan was killed on impact, her mom will be released this week from the hospital.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has a plan for everything and I know that He is just, good, and merciful.

But sometimes I do wonder why.

Why let a beautiful 24 year old that was truly living her life for Him be taken away from us?

I can't even imagine what her parents are feeling right now.

Please join me in praying for her family.

I only meet Meagan in person once for a couple of hours and my heart hurts, I can't even imagine what everyone else feels that had a more close relationship with her.

Click here and there are links to learn a little about Meagan and what she meant to everyone around her.

Sorry to be such a downer on Father's Day.

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REBECCA said...

I found you! I was so concerned that you might be trying to reach Meagan and did not know of the terrible tragedy that has shaken our family--but I see that God took care of making sure you knew by prompting you to visit the church when you did. Meagan spoke of you quite a few times and just loved how God connected the two of you. She was excited for you to move here. You made an impact on her.

If you missed Meagan's Memorial Service that has touched so many, it is still available through our church website Although our hearts are shattered, we are humbled to see how God has used our daughter's life and now death to impact so many. Truly humbled.

Thank you for your prayers. We are desperate for them.

May God cover you with His peace that surpasses all understanding.
As for me, I am clinging to my faith tighter than ever.
Rebecca--Meagan's very, very proud mother