Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally, someone agrees with me!!

Well it maybe my 3 year old but it was somebody!

For Mr. Genius's birthday I got the boys to pick out a movie for him. Well it was really Wild Man cuz Romeo still doesn't care.

Oh I am dreading the day he really has an opinion, one opinion is hard enough to deal with.

Wild man picked out Spiderman.

Well actually he picked out Batman and we already have that, so we took it back and Wild Man wanted Mr. Genius to get Spiderman.

But that is beside the point.

Back on track now.

Wild Man has been bugging us to watch Spiderman. I really don't want him to see those movies yet. The cartoon one would be fine, I just don't want him to have nightmares.

We are also having to work on Wild Man asking for things nicely. He was doing good then a week with the grandparents and well... we are having to start all over again.

Thanks mom, dad and Teresa so much for watching the boys. I don't know what I would have done if I had them up here with me that week. But lets face it they do get away with more with you guys then with us.

Again back to the story.

Focus,  focus.

Wild Man came up to me today and asked very nicely without any persuading if he could watch Spiderman.

I felt like I had to say yes because it was the first time all day that he asked so sweetly without me telling him to say please and say it nice.

So I justified it by thinking that he won't pay attention very long because it wasn't a cartoon.

So I stuck the movie in.

And then this picture came up.

I have always said that this lady looks like my mom.

Usually when I say this people look at me like I have something sticking out of my nose and then go back to watching the movie.

Well Wild Man saw this and immediately says: Look mom, it's JJ!

Me: Yes, honey that does look like JJ.

Wild Man: No mom, it really is. Look at her hair.

Finally, someone agrees with me!!

Seriously though here is a picture of my mom.

Now isn't there a resemblance?


Lyndsey said...

That was my anonymous....don't know what happened to my name..-Lyndsey R.

Anonymous said...

Ever since college everytime I see that pic. before a movie I always think of your mom That is so funny that Connor recognized it too.