Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are living the high life now!!!

Today we got our new kitchen table and chairs.

We are so excited, even the boys.

We have been using our card table and chairs to eat on and the boys have had the chair fold in on each of them at least once a day.

But what I am most excited about was how much I paid for this table.

Apparently out here a big department store is called Carson Pirie Scott and they have their factory store neaby. Mr. Genius and I accidently found this store because Mr. Genius actually almost got us killed because he saw a sign for the tigerdirect.com retail outlet store. I promise you as soon as he saw the sign for that store he let out a big gasp and leaned over so far and so fast that he looked like he was trying to leap out of the car.


I can tell you that this man has never reacted like that about anything.

When we walked in the store he practically squilled like a little girl and skipped down the aisles.

Now I know the secret to make him happy. Hehehe. This can totally be used to my advantage.

Right next to this tiger direct store was the Carson Pirie Scott factory furniture store (and by the way across the street from them is a Crate and Barrel factory outlet store. I reacted the same way Mr. Genius did at the Tiger Direct store when I saw that store.)

So we went into the Carson store to just see what they had to offer since we did need a kitchen table.

We really weren't expecting much.

Then I saw the table that we got and then I saw the price. It retailed for $1400 but in the store it was $298! I does have a few scratches on it but nothing more that my boys won't do within 5 minutes into the first meal on the table.

We really liked the table but we were too sure about it. I mean $300 is a big deal on a table but the main thing was it was actually the first table I looked at. I didn't want to have buyers remorse.

A sales lady talked to us and told us that all the tables were 50% off!!!!

That's right folks it was $150!

Well we couldn't pass up that deal, so we got it.

I came back later to get the chairs, they didn't have any in that day. But they were 50% off too!!! Can't beat that.

So they came first thing this morning. The boys were so excited to sit in real chairs they had just had breakfast an hour before but they immediately wanted to have a snack at the new table.

Here are some picture.

Please excuse the mess in the background that we call a kitchen. Just remember that we are still a work in progress.

Oh and by the way, the table also comes with 2 leaves. So it can sit 10! Now I won't have 10 matching chairs but I will be able to seat 10 people when the mood strikes me.

Now I just need to find 10 friends here...


Susan Wyatt said...

I like it a lot... like it even better that it was such a steal! Your kitchen hardly looks like a mess. You guys have amazed me at how much you've gotten done since you arrived in the new place. I know it's a lot of adjusting... stability will come soon! I love following you guys in your journey.

Jane said...

Love the table! The chairs look great with it,too.

Lori said...

That's your mess, wow my kitchen looks messier than that and we've been here 2 1/2 yrs. The new table is awesome and it seats 10 that's awesome!!!