Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

First thing this morning Wild Man was playing with a toy parachute and it swung around a lightly tapped him right above his eye. You would have thought he knocked his eye out with the way he was carrying on.

Then he remembered that we have Spongebob band aids. As soon as I put one of those over his "wound" he was fine.

Then Romeo sprawled out on the floor screaming cuz Wild Man didn't want to sit next to him.

Goodness sometimes I wonder how girls could be even more emotional.

I decided that we needed to get out of the house. So I took the boys to feed the ducks at one of the parks along the Fox River.

It was extremely hot here. I believe the heat index was over 100 today.

I really thought we would be getting away from all the humid heat by moving up north. Boy was I wrong.

I had some bread butts left over. I don't like those and I think my dad is the only person in the world that actually eats them.

We took them to the park and Wild Man was so excited to be able to feed the ducks.

Of course on the way over there both the boys fell asleep.

I don't understand why, they actually slept in a whole minute.

I mean goodness they slept in til 5:01am.

By the way we put up different room darkening blinds. Next step will be to spray paint the windows black.

So we got to the park and there were about 30 ducks and geese. Wild Man was jumping up and down when he saw them.

I warned him that if he didn't stop jumping and talk quieter the ducks will all go away and he wouldn't be able to feed them.

He then took it down a notch to stepping side to side... very fast while whispering.

I handed him some bread and told him to throw them on the ground near the ducks.

Since Wild Man doesn't listen to anything I say.

He ran right up to the ducks.

Then asked them very loudly, "DUCKS, DO YOU WANT SOME BREAD?"

Then Romeo just stood in front of the mass of ducks, squealing, "DUCKS, QUACK. DUCKS, QUACK."

Really, why do I even talk?

So of course the ducks started running away from my crazy boys.

Then I quickly grabbed some bread and threw it down.

The ducks turned back around and were contemplating options. It was like they were thinking do I risk my life with these two loud short people and eat the bread or do I run for the river?

Some of them stayed, some ran away.

Now these geese were as tall as Wild Man. I couldn't get a picture at the right angle to really show it.

Wild Man would pick a geese he would like to feed and start walking right up to it.

Then he would stop a couple of feet in front of it and it was like Wild Man and the geese were playing chicken.


Then the goose would slowly walk up to him grab the bread and run away.

When we were out of bread. One of the geese bit Wild Man.

He didn't get upset at all, he just walked up to me and told me that a goose bit him and then went on his way.

Apparently getting bit by a goose is not something we freak out about, just getting hit by plastic parachute men.

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