Monday, June 29, 2009

Nana and Pawpaw

Mr. Genius' parents came this weekend to check out where we live... and more importantly to see the boys.

Grandparents always think of new and inventive games.

This was a new game we got to play this weekend.

Paw paw called it the Matador mile.

All you need is a blanket preferably one that is long enough where you can't see on the other side so it will be easy to run into your brother.

Then you need one or two patient people that can hold up their arms for hours at a time.

You can also have a cape but that is optional.

You then run in a circle through the house and then run through the blanket that is being held up by the two patient strong armed people.

The game is best played at 7 am.

One night we went to Giordano's pizza (which is the best pizza in Chicago). The down side to the great pizza is that after you order your pizza it is 45 minutes until you then get your pizza, not ideal with two active boys.

Lucky for us that day in the parking lot there was a remote control cars race or something like that. Whatever it was, it was perfect for entertaining the boys during the wait.

The problem was that the boys didn't want to eat the pizza cuz they were wanting to go back out and watch the race cars.

We also went back to Swedish Days, and I still don't know what the fascination with the Swedish are. But we had a great time and the weather has been great in the Mid 80s.

(Don't hate me, I will make up for it in the winter)

Here are Nana and Paw paw with the boys.

I don't know if the north, or excuse me the midwest in the extreme north, or just the city we live in. But there are big about being green.

I never realized how much I took advantage of just throwing things away brainlessly until I couldn't anymore.

So here is Wild Man being the Super Green Geneva man.

There is a bus that is called the Art bus. It is actually a school bus that has been converted to a portable art studio for kids.

Everything is donated to them. Honestly it is all junk. What they get is things that kids find at home and instead of thowing them away, they bring it to the museum and other kids make art out of them. The workers don't tell the kids what to do, they just let their imaginations run wild.

It is a great idea, but we are not an artistic family.Wild Man  just went straight for the cars dug through the whole box til he found a hot wheels car and was done. I convinced him to put some type of stickers on it to make it look like we are artistic.

Sorry didn't get a picture of his "artistic" debut.

One other thing that happened this weekend....

Guess what this is...

That would be poo water dripping into the basement.

The ring, seal, rubber doughnut, or whatever you would like to call it dried up. So then poo water started dripping into the basement and filled up a box of the boys toys.

Lovely day.

So tonights project will be to fix a potty rubber doughnut thingy.

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Benton Family said...

I'd like to #1 have a slice of that pizza and #2 play that game with the boys...sounds like a good time! Hate that you are having plumbing'd like to avoid those for a little while wouldn't you? :)

Enjoying the pictures.