Friday, June 25, 2010

Having fun

We are having a lot of fun with JJ.

We have played at the park.

Picked some flowers.

Took some scenic photos.

Tried to get the boys to take a photo with the JJ, but Romeo decided he was too good for pictures.

We rode on carnival rides that went way too fast for Mommy's taste but the boys LOVED it.

I have also learned something new about my boys.

Before I married Mr. Genius I told him that through our life together he will always have two jobs. Take out the garbage and kill the bugs.

I HATE bugs. They completely freak me out with there freaky million legs and their ability to jump up and crawl on my body.

Just thinking about it makes my get the wiggles. Yuck!

One thing I have learned about my boys this week. Is that even though they love to wrestle and crash hot wheel cars into each other, I have passed on this hatred of bugs on the them.

We went to the pool and some their toys went into the skimmer. We opened it up and there were 3 frogs in it. My boys were just happy looking at the frogs and telling people about the frogs. There were two other boys at the pool. These other boys really LOVE frogs. They ran to the skimmer stuck their hand in and picked up the frogs!

This completely freaked Wild Man out to the point was screamed like a girl while running around the pool and jumping up and down like the frogs chasing on him...coincidentally I was doing the same thing. Romeo stood far back watching the whole incident while shaking his body and hands like he was shaking the frogs off of him.

I have made sissy boys.

I take complete responsibility for this.

Yes I do realize the frogs are really not bugs. But my fear has no bias of whether they are bugs or amphibians...they still freak me out.


liz said...

those wildflower pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The wildflowers are beautiful!! Where in Tenn did you go? Your story about the frogs had me laughing out loud at work. Great story!!

Katie said...

I have actually lived all over TN but now my and my husbands family reside outside of Nashville.

Lori said...

Ha! And my 2 big girls were running around our backyard last night playing with a frog. Almost fighting over it while "taking turns" to hold him.