Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little help here

Today Kari from Ucreate featured my $12 floor candlesticks!!

Whoo Hoo!

She also asked me to be a creative guest and I can post my button on her blog for others to see!!

Which is also just as exciting!

The problem being is that I do not have a button.

Nor do I know how to make one.

I have tried to do everything on my own as far as blog design except for the header (I won that on a giveaway). And as you can see I am not doing very good *hangs head in shame*

But I try really hard...does that count.

So my question is can someone direct me to a site to how I can make a button?

Also any ideas on what my button should look like.

I am at a lost.

When it comes to technology my creativeness comes to a complete halt.

Thanks guys! You are the best!


Kristin said...

This is the site I used.

It's easy, once you get the hang of it! I'm getting into blog design myself (I just finished designing mine, and I'm designing another for a friend). Let me know if you need any help!

tahtimbo said...

Hi, once you get a picture, if you send it to me I'll be more than happy to code it for you. Here's my email if your interested...

Lori said...

Ask debbiedoo she has a great one. She will share knowledge.


Leslie, the Home Maker said...

I don't have a button yet, either, I hang my head in shame, too!
But I have my picture and font ready to go--just need to finish it/upload my picture to flickr.
This is the tutorial I am using (it has PICTURES!)
It made the most sense to me:

Hugs and congratulations on being featured--there's nothing like company coming to make us get stuff done, eh?

Kenzie said...

Good luck!! You are so motivated, in about 2 weeks I will have a new look and that's only because I paid someone to do it!

Sandra said...

I am so technically challenged that I have had to ask someone else to do all my blog design so I got nothin' for ya. I'm excited for you though! Congrats!

Liz said...

Once you have an image, you can upload it to photobucket and it will give you the code to use for it. I can send you my code if you want an example.

sanjeet said...

Good luck!! You are so motivated,
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