Monday, June 28, 2010

Mom's house part one

Well we made it!


Our 10 hours drive turned into a 12 hour drive, due to extra stops.

Romeo actually did great.

Wild Man...not so much.

He was so excited to go to JJ's house that he couldn't control himself.

Then again he can't control himself when he gets a new pair of underwear.

But we did make it and I am NOT looking forward to the drive back.

I would like to look into inventing teleporting...that would be helpful.

Anyways, back to something you all might actually enjoy.

My mom loves to decorate she also likes to change things around constantly.

Whenever I came home while in college. My first question would be is my bedroom in the same place and where is the trash can now.

That is the absolute truth.

Mom is always looking for just the right look.

So I thought I would take pictures of mom's house to show you. I may do this everytime I come because it will always be different.

Mom just got her back porch screened in and I thought I would start the tour of her house there.

She went with the black, white and lime green colors.

I love it!

So crisp and clean.

What is a porch without a owl lamp to watch over you.

Even has a little bistro table to eat a snack out.

Let's move on to the view from the porch.

When mom and dad bought this house we thought it was pretty random to have an aisle way in the middle of your backyard but it has turned out to be great.

The boys run back and forth like it is a race track.

They check on the fish in the pond and then run back.

Come back tomorrow I will continue the tour at casa de JJ.


Katie said...

Gorgeous! Love the cute bunnies. :)

paige said...

Very nice!

Sailing Simply said...

Oh thank you, I will be back. I love these types of tour posts! Lovely porch! I love her color choices!

cfwilfert said...

Just found your blog at TCB. Love the title. I have to make my own family trip soon and completely understand! Your mom has a beautiful porch.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

What a welcoming porch! I would feel so at home there! Glad you survived the trip. You are a brave woman!!

mle said...

What a lovely place to call home! thanks for sharing : ) I love home tours too!

Mama Zen said...

I love that green! Gorgeous!

liz said...

You are so close to me, it's not even funny! :)

Jennifer said...

Popping over from SITS to say hi! I love your blog, and it is really hard travelling to see family! I am currently visiting my family six hours from my home. Have a good Tuesday night!

Susan said...

The Bunnie hanging from the pot is so cute!

Val said...