Friday, August 14, 2009

2 minutes of love

My boys like I am sure of most siblings are almost always bugging each other. Romeo being the most loving child I have ever encountered mixed with Wild Man who likes to be left alone makes for a constant battle in our house.

Today we went back to the Zoo and instead of Romeo reaching for my hand to hold, he reached for Wild Man's hand...and Wild Man took it!!!

Usually you can't see that my boys love for each other but for about 2 minutes they actually see the love.

It is in these moments I can't help but smile and think that maybe I am doing an ok job at being a mom.

Then Wild Man runs faster then Romeo's legs can take him, which in return makes Romeo fall and Wild Man then proceeds to drags his screaming little brother to the turtles...and my ego bubble bursts and I go back to being a bad parent.


Susan Wyatt said...

I know I've told you this before, but I love reading your blog... too funny! They do love each other, I'm sure of it and you are a great mom!

chas and wendy said...

BEST MOM AWARD AND BEST FAMILY AWARD!!!! we miss you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!