Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We almost had goose for dinner

Today we went back to island park to feed the ducks.

I have been saving my bread butts (does anyone else call it that?) since the last time we went.

We eat quite a few PB & J's in this house, so in just 6 weeks we have accumulated almost a whole sleeve of bread butts.

Anyways, this time we went to the park we started feeding with four ducks, then word got out of our great butts (OK sorry, last one) and within seconds there were close to 50 ducks and geese around us.

(see the ducks coming from afar)

The boys were having a great time.

Then we were just about done and then this goose in front of Romeo was the culprit.

Now Romeo was half throwing the bread and then half eating the bread and apparently this goose was getting impatient at Romeo eating the bread and not throwing it at him.

So this goose bit my precious baby. I think this was the same goose that bit Wild Man the last time we were here.

Now my boys are fearless.

Honestly Romeo thinks he is really 3 and a half like his brother and will try to do ANYTHING big brother does.

But when this goose bit his finger (on his good hand). My sweet baby's whole body started shaking and with his voice all shaky he said biiite, biiite and pointed to his hand.

Now I am not a member of PETA but I was ashamed to be from the same area as Micheal Vick and his dog fighting ring.

Now it was a good thing I had my time with the Lord this morning, but y'all I swear it took everything in me to not drop kick that goose to the other side of the river.

The only thing that went through my mind was...kicking an animal would not be a good example to show the boys.

So instead I snatched Romeo up and grabbed Wild Man's hand and we started walking away.

This in turn confused the ducks and geese and they all jumped out of the water and started chasing us.

I started going through the rolodex my mind what to do to when ducks attacks. Do you play dead like with bears or do you just run for the hills.

I opted for the walking very swiftly.

We must have made quite a spectacle because two bikers and a man that was walking on the trail stopped to make sure we were OK.

They were kind of laughing with how it looked for us to have 50 birds chasing after us.

Everyone is OK and we got home all in one piece.

When we got home, I gave the boys some unhealthy colorful yogurt to make for the scare we had.

I think Romeo liked it.

Gotta show a picture of my other baby. He always makes sure that we are even.

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