Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just what I needed

So Friday, I had a melt down.

I was exhausted.

Homeschooling is mentally exhausting.

My boys are physically exhausting.

The mess the resides in my house is overwhelming.

The Lord knew I needed a pick me up.

On Saturday, I was coming into the house from playing with the boys in the backyard and the screen door closed on the heel of my foot.


Obscenities were being shouted in my head.

It actually ripped the skin off the back of my heel.

Can we have one week where blood is not included.

Wild Man saw me wince in pain and then turned into Dr. Wild Man.

He ran over to the bathroom and announced that he has Scooby doo and his friends to make me feel better.

He then ran to the couch put a pillow down and told me to lay down and cover my nose.

Translation- lay on your tummy.

He then took the band aid out of the paper and then put it exactly on the "boo boo" all by himself.

Gotta love getting taken care of for once.

Then later on that day.

My little sweet Romeo who has taken his sweet little time to start talking.

Had yet to put two words together and the one words sentences he says is from a very limited vocabulary.

Yesterday I was getting his shoes on and he leaned in close to me and said "Love you mommy."

I then became a large puddle of mush on the ground.

Thank you Lord for that.

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Benton Family said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed every second of that "love you mommy". :)