Sunday, August 16, 2009

Normal day...Hello..Are you out there?

Last night Mr. Genius and I took the boys a new mall.

I love this mall. It has some neat stores.

Well neat stores for me.

You may not get as excited as I did about these stores.

I mean really, now that my days are filled with Bob the Builder and Yo Gabba Gabba I can't help myself but get excited over stores like the Lego's store and RideMakerz.

It is sad, really.

But honestly I was just as excited as the boys were when they saw these stores.

If you don't know what RideMakerz is, it is a store like Build a Bear but for boys. Instead of building bears you build cars.

Wild Man was ecstatic. I can't wait to take him back to build a car. I wanted more pictures of the store but Wild Man was running around to each station so fast I had a hard time catching him.

I did finally get him at the tire station.

You can't tell, but Wild Man is in heavenly bliss right now.

The next store we went to was the Lego's store.

And it was awesome.

Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory for supper.

Now I do realize that some of you will look down on me for this but then again you do not live with my two VERY active boys.

It is a rare treat for us to go out to eat at a restaurant that doesn't have a drive through connected to it, so I wanted to end the dinner with indigestion and a soar throat from constantly saying, "sit down, don't do that, don't throw your food, get your finger out of your nose."

In order for that to occur, I brought the boys our ipod touches.

Have I mentioned before how beneficial it is when your husband works for Apple.

You can get all sorts of toys.

Anyways, Ipod touches with Baby Einstein equal a mom's best friend.

Or if your child is a little older, Ipod touch and Bob the Builder...with bread, is just as wonderful.

After dinner we took the boys to the play area which was HUGE. I was about to take a picture of it, but Mr. Genius turned to me and said why don't you go walking around to look at the rest of the mall while I watch the boys.

Ummm, you don't have to tell me that twice.

I stood up and called him blessed, and just enjoyed some moments by myself to relax a little.

Then we drove home and we put the boys to bed and thus ended a great day.

Oh how I wish that is how our night ended.


As we are getting the boys out of the car, Romeo wanted to help close the door like always.

We have a minivan that you can push a button and it will close the door for you.

This time when Romeo pushed the button he decided to stick his thumb back into the door right before it closed all the way. Being that his thumb is so tiny the door didn't feel the resistance then didn't automatically open back up.

Needless to say, somehow this cut Romeo's thumb pretty deep. I actually didn't realize he was bleeding until after I took him into the house I noticed there was blood on my hands.

We saw the cut, saw how deep it was and knew we had to go to the ER.

Now during this time, sweet Wild Man was running around grabbing band-aids for Romeo and telling him it will be all better with this Scooby-doo band-aid that JJ brought.

I wish I could have savored that sweet moment from my 3 year old a little more but the screaming bloody toddler hanging on me kind of distracted me from that.

So Romeo and I headed over to the ER, which was wonderful by the way.

5 minutes from our house and we were in and out with 3 stitches in less then an hour.

MTMC please take notes.

Anyways, I digress.

Is it bad to laugh at your children when they are high on pain killers?

Well then I am guilty.

Seriously, this child was screaming for a hour straight, understandably so, then as soon as those painkillers kicked in.

This was my child.

He seriously looks like he is doing the Joey from Friends, "How u doin' ?"

The bandage makes it look worse then it is. They had to put the big bandage over so he couldn't get to the stitches to pick at them.

So around 9:30pm, this sweet drugged out boy finally got to fall asleep in his bed.

And I collapsed on the floor.


Jason B. said...

Awe come on Katie - you just gotta know how to work the room over at MTMC! Just take an ambulance ride in for an overly fast heart rate and extremely high blood pressure, and you're treated like royalty...I can attest!

Katacomb said...

That is the fastest trip to the ER I have ever heard of! I used to hide when I got seriously injured so that my mom wouldn't take me there (yes, I lived in the ER growing up-mom has cursed me and I'm sure I will be repayed for that). That's it, I'm moving to Geneva! Also, where can I get some of those drugs?? Poor Mason...that is hilarious...the drugged part...not the stitches part...

Ted said...

That was the sweetest, sad day I've ever heard....
Love you, Dad