Sunday, August 23, 2009

By george I think he likes it

Since the day Romeo was born he has been solely a momma's boy.

His first 6 months of life I was the only one that he would allow to hold him.

Then after 6 months, when he was in a very happy mood, he would then let Mr. Genius hold him and my mom.

Other people were allowed to look at him but not too long though.

Not even kidding people.

So as you can imagine the poor workers at church had a fun time with my little Romeo.

I am not even exaggerating when I say that he would cry the entire 3 and a half hours.

The whole church knew of the little blond haired boy whose hair stood on end and was always screaming while being walked done the hallway in the stroller.

At 15 months Romeo learned that he loved fish crackers more then screaming.

So as long as I put him straight at the table with a pile of fish crackers he would just whine a little.

Then we moved up here and went to a different church every week and my sweet little Romeo turned back into a screaming machine.

We finally decided on a church and have been going there for about a month now.

Today when we dropped Romeo off at the nursery, the sweet little boy who would scream at the thought of me leaving actually reached for the nursery worker and smiled. Then he turned to the worker and pointed to me and said "mama" as if to say that is my mama.

Then I walked away to the sound of him laughing.

That my friends is a miracle.

I am partly happy that he isn't a burden to the nursery workers and I am also sad that my little man is growing up.

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Melissa said...

so happy to hear that little Mason is happy!! What a milestone for him and mommy!!!!