Monday, August 3, 2009

Hopefully the only thing I learned from Kate

With the contractors here I feel like I can't leave the house in case they have a question.

I wracked my brain over something creative to do with the boys to keep them occupied.

Then I remembered an episode from Jon and Kate plus 8.

Yes, I watched that show, and yes I feel like I am partially responsible for their divorce since I did watch the show and was intrigued by their life. I feel like I should apologize to them.

Any who, I remembered one time the kids painted with pudding while at the beach. But I remember that they painted all over their bodies and considering it is only 70 degrees and breezy here and we are just getting over colds. I didn't think I wanted to boys outside without a shirt on.

So we painted pictures with pudding, with old shirts on.

The boys loved it.

I highly recommend doing this... outside... on a warm day... with a hose... and a damp wash cloth nearby.

Now before you look at these pictures, I do realize that there are some people that have a phobia of getting their children dirty. My husband being one of them. He could barely watch them playing. When he can outside, it was like he couldn't control his body anymore he had to grab the nearest cloth and clean them up immediately.

So you were warned look at these pictures at your own risk.

Romeo wasn't quite sure what to do with the gooey stuff I was handing to him at first and being a true little brother he then watched what big bro did and eventually dove right in.

Not only was I creative (well really a copy cat) today but I was also resourceful. Notice on the boys shirts I used Ikea chip ties to tie up their shirts.

Ikea should use that in their marketing.

"Can keep chips fresh and your children's clothes pudding free!!"

It took my boys about 2 minutes before they realized that the gooey stuff was edible.

Romeo even put a little pudding on his face to emphasize his dimple.

Don't worry people I cleaned to table beforehand.

Romeo was all done.

Wild Man admired his masterpiece.

Then the cleanup was a cinch.

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Susan Wyatt said...

Great idea! I wonder if it would work sitting in a high chair? Should I dare try?