Friday, August 28, 2009

My life this week

Oh where to begin.

I started back couponing again and oh how I miss Kroger and Publix.

Then I started homeschooling Wild Man this week.

Romeo joins in on the action when he wants to.

I have never considered myself a teacher type of person. Nor am I a crafty person. But thanks to the wonderful world of google. I have found some great website that are pretty much like homeschooling for dummies. ABC Jesus loves me and Preschool Express

Romeo got his stitches out.

Our great neighbor is an ICU nurse so she offered to take them out for us.

It also rained everyday this week. Yuck.

So we went to Jump Zone.

Wild Man loves it.

Romeo would rather play on things that were more stable and not full of air.

Like a slide.

a fish rocker.

or the good old standby... the ground.

I have always loved pottery barn kids but this week I found a new love... The Land of Nod.

and Romeo found a shopping cart that he walked all around the store with.

He is clearly my child.

Today our playgroup went to Costco.

This may sound like a weird place to take your playgroup.

But the kids really liked it.

Wild Man was not happy about getting his picture taken and Romeo's outfit makes him look like he is going to jail.

Wild Man also wasn't happy about the funny hat he had to wear to go into the bakery.

Romeo thought they were funny.

Then at the end of this long week we all had some frustrations to get out, so we hammered out some chicken.

and I am one tired momma.


creswellfamily said...

Sounds like you had a full week! I always love reading what is going on in the Woodruff household of boys b/c I totally can relate:) I am just super impressed that you get out and do so many things with your guys and in the pictures you house seems to always be in order and nothing out of place?! What is your secret??? I can go nowhere but the grocery store with my kiddos and still laundry is never done, dinner never on time, house a wreck and never a moment to clean?! Any secrets Katie?! :)

Susan Wyatt said...

I'm glad to get those links to preschool sites. I've been looking it to it a little thinking about what I could be doing for Jack here at home. I haven't searched much bud I did find it seems like a lot to me, a little overwhelming, but you might like it or at least find great supplemental ideas on it. Keep us posted on how it is all going. Are you thinking about homeschooling the boys for "real" school? We are back and forth about it.