Saturday, August 1, 2009

the bathroom so far

The Joe and his workers have been here for the past two days. Getting the bathroom done makes Mr. Genius and I want to get the whole basement done.

I have taken pictures of the progress.

Here is a picture of the basement before all the construction started.

Don't you like the my sophisticated way to show where to build our new bathroom.

Here is how much they did the first day.

And here is what they just did today.

We got a shower wall moved to make the rest of the room bigger and the shower a little smaller. They also closed in the shower and finished the plumbing and just about finish the electrical.

Tiling starts on Monday. I am nervous about it all coming together.

I have been staining the vanity and I think that I am going to have to get another mirror. It isn't going to make like I had hoped after staining.

Well darn I guess I will have to go back to ikea and pick out one there.

It is a crying shame.

I will be crying tears of joy the whole way.

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