Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun times with JJ and Pop

Sorry about the blogging break but this weekend my parents came up, JJ and Pop. And I wanted to take full advantage of my time with them.

Get this, my parents actually drove up here this time! A whole 9.5 hour drive!

Not looking forward to that drive with the boys.

Of course grandparents can't come empty handed.

I do believe that is in the grandparent handbook.

So they brought up a slip n slide for the boys and Wild Man a bike with training wheels (My baby is getting so big).

Here is Wild Man with his ready stance to run down the slip n slide.

Apparently they didn't bring enough toys so we headed to Walmart to get some more.

Just kidding we were actually getting a coffee maker cuz dad can't function without coffee in the morning.

So now when all you people come to visit me you can have some coffee to get your day started here, thanks to dad.

On the 4th of July, the weather was awful. It was rainy all day. So we went to eat at Portillo's to get a taste of the Chicago hot dog. They are really good.

Then mom and I of course had to check out the flea market that is here.

Which it is great, by the way. I got 600 count bedsheets for $10! Can't beat that. I am pretty sure I will be there every month.

Mom found her a new pair of shoes. They will help her earn some extra money is this recession we are going through.

Here is dad's reaction when I told him of mom's new job opportunity.

On Sunday we tried another church this sunday. With the boys getting up at the crack of dawn we were ready incredibly early.

So Romeo decided to change up his outfit.

Doesn't he look so cute in heels.

Mr. Genius didn't like this at all, but I reminded him that one day we can use this picture to our advantage.

I have been taking so many pictures of the boys lately. That as soon as the boys see the camera they immediately stop what they are doing and say CHEESE. really loud. It is cute, but not helpful when you are trying to take a picture of them doing something.

Another place we went to is called Graham's. They make chocolate in the store and it smells like heaven. They also make homemade ice cream.

While mom was here I got her help on making my curtains in the den/kitchen area. We made my 2 curtains that were in the den from the TN house into 7 curtains. Phew, that is a lot of fabric. I am finishing up the panels. I will post a picture when I get them done.

We had a great time with JJ and Pop.

Wild man informed me later on today that right now he is a Wild Man but later on he wants to be a Pop.

We love you JJ and Pop and we miss you.


Mike, Erin & Piper said...

Just had to say that we sincerely miss you guys ! It is nice to at least catch up with what your family is up to through your blog.. Hope all is well with you up there in Chicago... stay safe.. keep in touch ! The Fishers

Jane said...

Thanks ,honey. We had a great time too. You have no idea how much we miss all of you! We look forward to our next visit!! Love you all!!

Melissa said...

Katie- It looks like ya'll had a super time! Everytime I see your mom I think about the post you did about her a while back- she really does look like the movie lady holding the torch
Oh- I'm jealous about the sheets! I could totally use those right about now!