Monday, July 20, 2009

Painting tips by me

1. If kids live in your house, live near your house, or just look at your house know that painting a room will take longer then you even think it will. For one room tell yourself that it will take a month to finish so when it happens earlier then that you will feel a since of accomplishment, even if it took a whole week.

2. Get done with all projects that are rolling around in your head so you can postpone starting your project as long as possible. (ie. completely reorganizing your coupons)

3. Be prepared to live in utter chaos.

4. If climbing up and down a latter...wear shoes. Your feet will thank you.

5. If you husband enjoys painting as much as getting an enema, then have a list ready of other projects that can be done around the house. They will all get done due to said husband wanting to do anything possible not paint.

6. Before starting to paint announce to your family that while you are painting there will not be any homecooked meals. Your family will then arise and call you blessed.

7. When sending your husband with your kids to run an errand stick a notepad on each child's forehead of what needs to be picked up or else your husband will get distracted by all the food and will forget why he got out in the first place.

8.Do not count on your kids to take long naps while painting. Either it is the paint smell or a change in the atmosphere, but your kids know exactly when you just got all ready to start to paint and are on top of the latter to start screaming for you.

9. Do not buy this item-

It is a waste of time. It does not get close enough and you will have to redo everything.

10. Do not wear pants that are really baggy and have an elastic waste. Little kids have a 6th sense to know when pants can be pulled down when standing on a latter and a paint brush is in your hand.

11. Use an old blanket to cover the floors, preferably one that is from an old college boyfriend. So when you do get paint on it, your husband actually does a happy dance.

12. Sit back and enjoy your new room then ignore the disaster that is called your home.

Pictures coming soon. In order to enjoy the new paint color I need to actually be able to see the floor to. Off to clean all the toys and junk that has piled up over a week.


Lauren Cyster said...

Which old college boyfriend ;)?

Katie said...

His name was Cal Cook. I don't think you knew him. I dated him my freshman year, he was prealpha omega days.

Lauren Cyster said...

I was just being nosy :)