Sunday, July 26, 2009

A tale of a dimple

I, like everyone else, has always thought that little kids with dimples were so darn cute, but I never thought that I would get a little dimpled child of my very own. Due to the fact that neither Mr. Genius or I nor any of our siblings have such a cute ensemble.

So right after we moved up here Wild Man nailed Romeo on the cheek with some toy.

Which in turn gave him a nice bruise.

Right after he got this bruise we noticed that it looked like Romeo had a dimple right in the middle of the bruise.

I thought I was seeing things and waited patiently for the bruise to go away and of course when it started going away Romeo fell and hit right at the same spot to incur another bruise.


So I waited again.

And sure enough that bruise went away and this sweet little guy...


I am sure that dimples are not man made or in our case Wild Man made, but I will always wonder.


Ted said...

Cute! That's my grandboy!

Jane said...

I feel a cry coming on when I get to kiss that dimple! Soon very soon!