Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The winner by default

From the comments and the emails that I have gotten Tobacco Road is the clear winner.

So I was about to go out and get a gallon to start the painting process.

Then right before I ran out I decided to put a sample of the paint right next to the kitchen cabinets.

I am so glad that I did.

I am telling you the color right next to the cabinets looked like mud.

I took a picture and it is awful. The sun was shining right in but it makes the picture look dark. I will not be quiting my day job to become a photographer.

I actually thought for a second that it might be a good thing to have a mud color on the walls. Because it wouldn't show up the boys dirty hand prints. Then I can to the realization that I wouldn't be happy looking at mud on my walls all day when I am fighting to keep it off my boys.

So I am sorry, I had to trump the vote and go with Blonde.

So Lyndsey, when you come to visit you will feel right at home.

When I finally get done painting I will put a picture up, but don't expect the final picture for a while... I am tired and the thought of painting this entire room doesn't exactly excite me.

I will leave you tonight with a picture of Romeo praying over his half eaten lunch.

He totally caught me praying with my eyes open.

I can just eat him up.

And if the grandparents call after seeing this picture to catch the first plane up here to pinch those precious cheeks then my plan worked.

*Insert evil laugh here*

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Jane said...

I'm on my way!!