Monday, July 13, 2009

Growth spurt?

The past couple of days Romeo has only been happy when he is sitting here...

Cuz that means that he already has or will be getting food.

But when he is not sitting at the table, he is here...

In time out because he is hitting me for not giving him food constantly.

The terrible twos start earlier and earlier.

I have more and more projects to do in this house and I don't know where to start sometimes.

So what do I do?

I get another one or two...

I found these wicker chairs on Craigslist.

Here is Romeo showing them off for us...he just ate.

So I spray painted them and put them on the front porch.

Now I just need to find outdoor fabric and learn to make outdoor cushions.


Jennylee said...

Haha. It's funny how kids are all so different. Eli would be in time out for like throwing food or hitting me when I'm trying to get him to eat something!

I love the chairs by the way!

Amber, That's Me! said...

Love the chairs. At about 1 1/2 I started saying Brock was in the terrible twos. However, I am finding that 4 1/2 is the worst so far!