Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just add it to the list

So among the things that we have discovered that are different around here like how the trash is picked up and the weather to name a couple.

Well there is another one to add to the list.

The sun.

Yep, the sun.

I bet you wondering how the sun can be different.

Well I don't know, but it really does seem to be brighter up here.

I do realize that the last statement made me sound like I have the IQ of a first grader. But it is true.

So why do I care that the sun is different?

Well, when you have a room with about 8 windows in it and you are trying to pick out paint colors.

The sun puts a big wrench in the decision making process.

I noticed that of the 4 colors I put on the wall they would look totally different depending on which wall to put them on.

First I tried Hawthorne yellow, it is one of the most popular colors at Benjamin Moore.

Well at high noon I swear to you it is so bright it is glowing.

I then went to Sherwin Williams and for some reason he just knew I wasn't from around these parts.

I think I gave it away when I opened my mouth.

Anyways, he asked if I noticed that the colors look different in my new house. Then he went on to say that when he has customers that come from the south they all complain that their colors look different here.

He then mentioned that any color that has a red tint to it glows.

Well that explains the neon wall I have in my den.

Then he said that he thinks that the sun is in a different position up here.

WhooHoo I was right!

So I got two more paint samples, and I still don't know what color I like.

Uggh, this is so aggravating.

I need some help.

Unfortunately colors over the computer don't look the same in person.

But I will try anyways.

So in this picture;

Top color: Blond (Thanks Lyndsey for the color)

Middle color: Tobacco Road

Bottom color: Safari

Now this is on the other side of the room.

Notice how the colors look different.

Top color: Hawthorne Yellow (the neon color just doesn't come across on the computer, such a shame)

Middle color: Blond

Bottom color: Tobacco Road

I didn't paint Safari on this wall because it reminds me too much of newborn poop.

Don't they look different on each wall?

They look so dark on the side of the windows.

So that is what I have been doing today, don't be jealous.


Melissa said...

my advice- skip safari or anythin else that looks like newborn poop smeared on a wall!

which color is more "forgiving" with sticky, muddy, dirty little boy hands??

hard decision!!! I like tobacco road and blonde.

Good luck!

Katacomb said...

I'm going to have to vote on Tobacco Road....it is pretty and honstly I just like the name too...I know how you feel. I haaattteeed picking out paint colors and still don't like 2 of the rooms I painted but it's either not like it or paint it all over again. Since I am never painting another wall in my life....ugly it is!

Benton Family said...

My vote is for Tobacco Road. But that's just my opinion...and everyone has one.

Oh, and yes they totally look different on each wall!

Jennylee said...

I also vote tobacco road.