Saturday, July 11, 2009

Real seamstresses may not want to look

The curtains are finally done!

They are certainly not perfect, but they are done.

Well actually they were done on Thursday but I decided that I wanted them to actually touch the floor so the impatient person that I am took the seam out while they were still on the rods.

This process ripped the rod right out of the wall.

Of course it did.

So I waited til we could get the rod back on the wall before I took the pictures.

Now I have mentioned before that I turned 2 curtains into 7.

How? you may ask.

Because I am a master seamstress that's how...

If you believe that, then you may also believe that since living here I have grown a foot and now have the body of a goddess.

So nope, I am still the short squatty person that knows just enough about sewing to be dangerous.

So what I am to do?

I just reminded my mom that there are 2 cute grandsons up here whose cheeks that needs kisses.

Then when she got here I forced fabric in her hands and begged and pleaded until she gave very specific instructions on how to make some resemblance of something cute to go over my windows.

Well it worked and we actually made 3 valences while she was here!

Thanks mom!

Luckily the curtains I had before had A LOT of fabric with them.

So I pretty much butchered them.

I cut them in half and then cut off about 2 feet off the bottom.

Here is what the curtains looked before.

And here is what they look like now.

And here are the panels.

Like I said they are NOT perfect.

One of the panels is shorter then the others.

So because I have no idea how to fix it the right way... I just stuck a chair in front of it.

That's just how I roll.

Next project, paint the den.

You can see from the second to last picture that I am testing paint colors and so far it isn't going very good.

My walls may end up consisting of two foot samples of every color all the room until I have some type of intervention.

Just to be clear... an intervention would be welcome.


Jennylee said...

I'm no seamstress either, but I love how it turned out! Looks good to me!

Maybe someday I'll sew something. Maybe.

Susan Wyatt said...

looks great to me!

Katie said...

First of all, I am way impressed! I haven't broken my sewing machine out of the box in over three years! Jon keeps trying to get me to sell it. Second, I am in the process of having 6 panels made for my house (4 for the living room, 2 for the dining room) and it is costing me so, so, so much money. I mean, I knew custom drapes were expensive, but not this expensive. I have been saving and saving and saving. I know they will look great, but don't know if I will ever do this again. You better believe I will fight to take these babies with me when we sell this house one day! So, I am so proud of you for being resourceful and saving so much money and making use of what you have. I think they look amazing! Take pride in what you have done girl! I couldn't have done it! Ok and lastly, I have the exact same situation in my living room with the 3 windows side by side. I am also having 4 panels done and want to do one long rod going all the way across. I just met with my seamstress the other day and she was telling me I am going to have a hard time finding a rod long enough. Where did you find yours? And how long is it? I have 125" just from molding to molding so I need one even longer than 125". Any thoughts?

Katie said...

Thanks guys but there is a reason the picture was taken so far away.

Katie as far as getting a curtain rod that long that may be hard. I would either look at Ikea (then have a good excuse to visit Amanda) or get 4 short rods to hang them instead of one really long one going across the top of all the windows. I have seen it and it is really pretty. Good Luck!