Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bananas over Halloween

Around here trick or treating starts at 3 and ends at 7pm city wide. We really enjoyed the early trick or treating time. It was still light outside so we could see everyone. Plus since we got to start about 2 hours early kept me from answering the question "Is it time yet to go trick or treating" 246 times.

This year my boys were a monkey and a banana.

It was also freezing.

We went trick or treating with our neighbors.




Wild Man has repeatedly stated that he loves Halloween.

After trick or treating we went over to our neighbors house and waited to hand out the candy to the rest of the neighborhood.

Every time the doorbell rang, Wild Man would drop what ever he was doing and yell. "Another customer is here!"

This Halloween was a little bittersweet for me.

Exactly 2 years ago today, Wild Man wore the same monkey costume.

He was also sick.

I am sad because on this day 2 years ago was the last day Wild Man was an only child.

Tomorrow my sweet little Romeo turns 2.

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